Breakfast « on-the-go »

For a few minutes more to sleep, with journey times that are getting longer and time dedicated to breakfast is decreased.

The urban people are seeking new solutions based on nutrition, convenience (transportable) and just as tasty options for the first meal of the day !

“All in one products” involving dairy, fruits and cereals are very successful today all around the world.

 breakfast on the go

Limagrain Ingredients help you meet this growing market through several ranges of authentic and functional solutions:


  • For convenience:

Soluble flours from wheat or rice

Tailored-made blends of different cereals and seeds


  • Texture:

Wheat functional flours & Whole grain functional flours

Porridges / Hot cereals


  • Nutrition:

Fibres (wheat fibre, corn fibre, pulses…)

Protein (pulses, wheat germ, corn germ…),

Gluten Free: solutions without gluten


  • Taste & Colour

Toasted ingredients, special floursinclusions and other solutions for more pleasure !