Pep's balls

Protein enrichment is a growing trend in the agri-food industry and is one of the new consumer requirements. That's why Limagrain Ingredients is dedicated to enriching its offer with innovative pulses ingredients to help its customers take up the plant-based protein challenge.
All products in the Pep's Balls range have been specially developed to meet current and future consumer requirements and help you deal with the many challenges in the agri-food sector.

The Pep's Balls are a unique ingredient specifically developed to help you create healthier and tastier products. Made from pulses, they will help you improve the nutritional benefits of your products by increasing their protein and fibre content. In addition, the Pep's Balls are also an easy way to include plant-based ingredients in your recipes while bringing a great mouthfeel.

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Limagrain Ingredients offers a new and innovative ingredient, 100% made from pulses.


Improve the nutritional profile of your products by adding our Pep's Balls. Used to simply increase the nutritional intake or obtain a product that is "source of protein/fibre" or "rich in protein/fibre", the Pep's Balls are the perfect solution to answer all your needs.


The Pep's Balls are perfect for adding proteins and improving the texture of your products. Whether you're looking for a crunchy texture or simply for an improvement, the Pep's Balls will easily give a great mouthfeel to your products.

Clean Label and 100% natural

Our Pep's Balls range is 100% Clean Label, totally natural and made only from pulses.

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Example of use

The Pep's Balls are suited for a large range of applications. Whether you decide to add them in baked products, cereal bars or even culinary products, the Pep's Balls offer an undeniable added value to all recipes, whether in terms of nutritional composition, texture or aroma.

Bakery & Pastry products

Easy to use, the Pep's Balls are a considerable asset for your bakery and pastry products. Whether you use them in bread, biscuits or even cookies recipes, they will help you develop healthier and tastier products while bringing a unique mouthfeel.

Cereal bars
After a strong increase in popularity in recent years, cereal bars are now looking to become healthier and tastier. Our Pep's Balls can be used to improve their nutritional benefits while bringing at the same time a nice texture to make your cereal bars unique.
Meat replacement products

To answer a growing need for vegetarian and vegan products, the Pep's Balls are an excellent solution to add plant-based proteins to products like meat substitutes. In addition, the Pep's Balls are also a perfect way to improve the texture and bringing a great mouthfeel to your products.

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