Funny shape snack pellets

For more than 30 years, Limagrain Ingredients has been developing snack pellets in various shapes based on different recipes, mainly with potato and corn bases, but also using pulses and other cereals.

Snacks are usually consumed on fun occasions when enjoyment is key. Therefore, the form of snack pellets is really important to provide consumers with a unique sensory experience.

Limagrain Ingredients has over 30 years of experience in extrusion and exports its snack pellets around the world. Corn, potato, pulses or other cereals... this wide range includes recipes available in various cut or laminated forms. Special developments are also possible to meet the needs of manufacturers and consumers.

Gamme Funny shape


Choice within a wide range

We have a wide range of pellets in various shapes, made of potato, corn, pulses or other cereals. Our R&D managers are consistently working to develop innovative snack pellets with various shapes and recipes.

Quality: high-quality ingredients

Access to corn from our corn mill or quality potatoes and our extrusion know-how means we can offer a range of snack pellets with a consistently high quality.

The sensory experience of taste and texture

A snack pellet with a great taste and texture is a successful snack pellet. Based on our R&D expertise, we develop pellets with the aim of satisfying and surprising consumers with taste and texture for a unique sensory experience.

Example of use

Fried snacks

Like the majority of snack pellets, our range of pellets can be used in frying for optimal crispiness!

Expanded snacks using warm air

Our range also includes pellets expanded using warm air (Torbed or Aéroglide equipment). This allows for a 100% reduction in fat content in the recipe with the oil being added using a spray system for seasoning purposes. Therefore, the final fat content will be drastically reduced, between 10 and 15% for the finished product.