Gluten Free Snack Pellets

Limagrain Ingredients has been offering a range of Gluten Free snack pellets and micropellets meeting consumer demand for over 30 years.

Gluten Free is one of the most common demands from snack consumers, particularly in Europe. The Limagrain Ingredients development teams make a point of offering quality and tasty Gluten Free snack pellets and micropellets.

Fried, expanded with hot air or puffed, our range of Gluten Free pellets and micropellets have a potato or pulse base.


Best sellers

Potato Lantern

A gluten free potato-based pellet. Its unique shape offers an amazing melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Potato Twist

Give your meal a nice twist with this unusual shape made of potatoe and always gluten free!

"Rich in protein" Faba bean micropellet
Get the "rich in protein" for your popped chips and puffed cakes with this faba bean-based micropellet.