Calf feed


Presco Feed puffed cereal products can be used for feeding the young calf. The product can be applied in different appearances like mueslis and pellets.

The appealing shape and puffed flavor and aroma raise the acceptance level of the feed as a whole. Presco Feed products are selected and cleaned cereals treated by the pressure cooking process and are guaranteed to contain more than 80% of pregelatinized starch. This makes the product more easily digestible as the animal is much better able to digest this as when compared to native sources of starch. The digestibility of the other nutrients like proteins and oil is maintained at the highest level. This results in fewer intestinal disorder as the calves use their feed more efficiently which results in a better nutrient utilization by the young calf.


– Optimal digestion for the young calf.

– Nice appearance.

– Attractive flavor and aroma.

– Better health and growth

Limagrain Ingredients supplies Presco Feed puffed cereals on a variation of cereals like wheat, barley, maize and rice. All products are available as whole puffed pellets, broken or flaked. Depending on the required post treatment, milling and pelleting are optional.



The UniFlour product line of natural functional flour is based on grains, seeds and legumes, and is available in different granulations with narrowly defined particle size distributions. UniFlour products are widely used as a replacement ingredient for calf milk. UniFlour products are also excellent for the production of pet food treats and for pressed pellets for the cattle industry. This is because of the excellent pressing properties of UniFlour when using extrusion technology.


Under the brand name UniFlour, Limagrain Ingredients supplies flour for the careful composition of calf milk. Calf milk is mostly based on raw materials from the dairy industry, but today it requires cost-effective, plant-based ingredients with a high stability. These vegetable ingredients must have good digestibility, a stable dispersibility, a well-balanced and good microbiological composition, the appropriate moisture content and a natural colour. To meet these needs, Limagrain Ingredients offers a variety of flour mixtures under the trade name UniFlour. UniFlour is mainly based on wheat flour. In terms of price and functionality, our native, dried (micro-ground) or soluble flour mixtures are a good alternative or supplement to dairy products. UniFlour shows excellent ileal digestibility results; the drinking behaviour of animals remains unchanged while research also shows unchanged animal growth. The optimal taste ensures that the required amount of concentrate per day is reached sooner and we also see a steady growth development in breeding, growing and fattening cattle. The dispersibility and water solubility of UniFlour scores high in terms of stability, while the microbiological quality is also guaranteed for longer resting times of the milk tanks with, for example, automatic feeding. Micro-milling prevents the formation of lumps and ensures that the product mixes well with other dry components. No moisture migration occurs toward other dairy ingredients. Feel free to ask our experts for further clarification and substantiation of UniFlour.

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