Wheat functional flours

Functional flour ranges are the result of a unique process: the patented Farigel® hydrothermic treatment procedure. For over 30 years, Limagrain Ingredients has been developing functional flours for multiple applications: bread-making, cakes, snacks, culinary products and nutrition.

Functional flours were created from an unprecedented synergy combining cereal expertise via varietal selection with process expertise via Farigel®. Through this process, proficiency in grain size and the creation of specific functionalities such as cold and/or hot binding capacity are possible. As such, functional flours form a very comprehensive offering based on wheat, corn, rice and legumes, ranging from functional solutions to cost-reduction solutions, nutritional offerings and texture and taste enhancements.

All of the functional flours developed are "clean label", i.e. they include a "wheat, corn, rice, rye, etc. flour" claim depending on the raw material used.

clean label

Multi-benefit functional flours: 

  • Are you looking for functional benefits (dough hydration, machinability, cold and hot binding capacity, etc.), texture enhancement or hydrocolloid substitution? Then westhove wheat H1, a multi-function and multi-benefit wheat functional flour, is just what you're after.

Granulated functional flours:

  • Are you looking for grain size benefits such as the addition of markers or almond substitution? Then our range of granulated flours, with westhove wheat TM20, westhove wheat TM40 and westhove wheat TM80, is just what you're after.

Waxy functional flours:

  • From texturing resistant to freezing/thawing cycles, to an absence of retrogration and fat substitution: with westhove wheat 1000R for hot texturing or westhove wheat Wi for cold texturing, waxy flours are the right solution.

Instant functional flours:

  • Avoid a cooking step, optimise recipe costs, ensure the suspension of markers, etc.: these are all benefits that you can achieve by using our instant functional flours, such as westhove wheat 1500i and westhove wheat 7418.