Pets Muesli & Dinners

Presco PetFood puffed cereal products can be used in a wide range of petfood applications in various nutritional profiles for dogs, rodents, birds and other pets. The product can be applied in different appearances like mueslis, dinners and pellets.

The appealing shape and puffed flavor and aroma raise the acceptance level of the feed as a whole. Presco PetFood products are selected and cleaned cereals treated by the pressure cooking process and are guaranteed to contain more than 80% of pregelatinised starch. This makes the product more easily digestible as the animal is much better able to digest this as when compared to native sources of starch. The digestibility of the other nutrients like proteins and oil is maintained at the highest level. This results in fewer intestinal disorder as the pets use their food more efficiently which results in happier, healthier and longer lives.



– Encourages optimal digestion for many animals and pets.

– Nice voluminous appearance.

– Attractive flavor and aroma.

– Better health and longer lives.

Limagrain Ingredients supplies Presco PetFood puffed cereals on a variation of cereals like wheat, barley, maize and rice. All products are available as whole puffed pellets, broken or flaked. Depending on the required post treatment, milling and pelleting are optional.