Baby Food Ingredients

Tasting food for the first time is an important step in any baby's development. The diet a child eats at a young age can shape their relationship with food for the rest of their lives. 

For baby food manufacturers, creating a range of products that come in multiple flavours and textures is crucial. 

Limagrain Ingredients offers an extensive selection of food ingredients to help baby food producers create a varied selection of products. We allow manufacturers to create tempting treats for infants and give their parents peace of mind that their child is eating the nutritious meals they need to grow up big and strong.

The baby food range from Limagrain Ingredients

The global baby food market is valued at approximately US$301.30bn, with producers competing against each other to create delicious, innovative product ranges to attract modern parents and nurture their little ones. 

Our top baby food ingredients are: 

  • Functional Flours: Our specially-treated functional flours for baby food are clean label and designed to deliver a naturally delicious taste and innovative texture.  
  • Flaking Grits: Flaking grits are small particles of corn that can be used for a range of baby food applications, including puffed snacks and baked products for infants. 
  • Wheat Flours: Limagrain Ingredients offers a range of wheat flours for baby food that are specially selected for quality and fully traceable so that you can offer the best quality options for your customers. 

Maize Flours: Maize flours and grits are important for baby food cereals and even jarred meals, so we offer a wide range of options to suit any requirement.