Baby Food maize
flours & grits

Limagrain Ingredients offers a wide range of Baby Food maize flours and grits.

Sourced from special corn varieties and adapted to different industrial uses and needs guaranteeing unique traceability.

Our maize flour and grits come from crops grown in Auvergne and meet Baby Food standards for better food safety.

They all bear the Limatrace guarantee assuring compliance with mycotoxin, pesticide and allergen standards, full traceability, consistency, functionality and respect for the environment. Limagrain Ingredients is proud to be trusted by the largest baby food groups and our flours can be used in instant cereals, infant porridges or even in jars.


Best Sellers

Baby Food 15.05 maize flour

Particle size between 100 and 550 µm.

Baby Food 12.05 maize flour

Particle size between 100 and 550 µm.

Baby Food 25.05 maize flour

Particle size between 225 and 600 µm.