Petfood functional flours

When it comes to pet food, complementary semi-wet treats have enjoyed great success in recent years. There is currently a wide range of products available in many different forms.
Technologists are looking for highly functional natural binders able to give a product a firm but easy-to-chew texture. Water content and plasticisers like glycerin are bound in the product due to the use of wheat flour, rice flour or PetFlour corn. 
The products are pregelatinised and have an instant binding capacity. In addition to their functionality, the products are also easy for the animal to digest.

The special PetFlour ingredients developed by Limagrain Ingredients are made of dried flour and subject to heat treatments. The drying of the flour deactivates the enzymes and sterilises the flour. In addition, the flour's water content can be regulated by drying it until the desired water content is achieved. When the flour is extruded, the starch granules are extracted from their original structure. This process means that the starch can swell and the flour is dispersible in cold water.

Nutritional values and functionalities are essential factors when developing pet foods. Nutritional values refer to the calorie and protein content, while functionality may represent various elements such as solubility, pressure and binding.

The food must have a good composition as this plays an important role in the health and growth of our pets.

The product must be as good as it looks so it is accepted by the animal. The owner is also involved in the decision and acceptance of the appearance of the product.