Special flours

Limagrain Ingredients has developed a wide range of native or functional flours but also more specific supplements (linseed, malts, yeast, etc.)

  • Native flours: rye, spelt, oats and barley, etc ...
  • Gluten-free maize flours and semolina from Limagrain Ingredients’ maize milling.
  • Limalin Gold from yellow linseeds. Natural, Vegetal & Stable: 13% Omega-3.
  • Bean flours.
  • Deligerme: flour made from fermented and dehydrated fresh wheat germ and Deliseigle: a powdered concentrate obtained by fermentation, rich aromatic and volatile compounds to reinforce the flavours.
  • Malted wheat flour is produced from a mixture of malted and toasted wheat – it gives a cream to brown colour to products depending on dosage.
  • Masa flours to give a “Tex Mex” options.
  • Sprinkling flours: flours and granulated flours.


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