Other bakery ingredients

To ensure full control of bakery products, Limagrain Ingredients offers a wide range of texturizer, gluten and enzymes.

Limagrain Ingredients is the ideal partner to support you in maintaining consistent technical and organoleptic features of end products. Our targeted range of texturizers and enzymes will help you respond to the annual challenges caused by new harvests.

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To maintain consistency in product quality over time and select the right ingredients, Limagrain Ingredients offers a custom support.


Each year, after each harvest, product formulas need to be adjusted. Limagrain Ingredients offers a wide range of solutions like gluten, or texturing agents specifically suited to your requirements.


Our experts understand your requirements and are ready to adjust the ingredients according to your recipies : gluten, softening enzymes etc.

Example of use

Texturizing agents, gluten, softener and enzymes for bread, pastries and brioches.

Sliced bread
Our enzymatic solutions will bring full control of softness and our Clean Label extensibility solutions will bring control over dough texture.
Brioches or breads

Many solutions are available to improve texture of your products : emulsifiers, hydrocolloids etc.

Best sellers

Wheat gluten

Expert in cereals, Limagrain Ingredients offer a controlled gluten for guaranteed results.

Deactivated yeast

Deactivated yeast is a 100% Clean Label extensibility solution.

X Glusafe 0,2%

A unique Clean Label solution combining our expertise in functional flours and enzymes. This solution will allow you to lower the quantity of added gluten in your recipe.