Gluten Free functional flours

Consumers are looking for products that are more nutritional, better for their health and compatible with their diets. Limagrain Ingredients' range of Gluten Free functional flours meets this demand while improving processability for manufacturers.

Limagrain Ingredients uses a patented process to design flours with different grain sizes, including dust free, to guarantee the health of workers.

To meet the needs of consumers and manufacturers, Limagrain Ingredients has developed Gluten Free references in its Innosense range of functional flours. 100% Clean Label "flour" solutions in the composition of the finished product.


Best sellers

Innosense Faba Bean

Functional fine faba bean flour for added protein.

Innosense Rice H1

Functional stabilised rice flour.

Masa 5119 - petit pot détouré
Innosense Whole Maize

Wholewheat gluten-free functional flours for added fiber.