Organic functional flours

The organic trend has been growing for several years. The range of organic functional flours offered by Limagrain Ingredients meets this demand while improving the processability or softness of the finished products, for example.

This organic range embodies all the technicality of functional flours.

Gamme FF bio

Best sellers

Organic Innosense Wheat H1

This functional wheat flour is suitable for all types of process and improves the hydration of doughs and the softness of finished products.

Wheat 100 - petit pot détourée
Organic Innosense Wheat 11505

Functional wheat flours used essentially to perfect cold viscosity

Organic Innosense Chickpea

To follow the trend for organic plant proteins, this functional chickpea flour improves the technical and organoleptic qualities of snacks, biscuits, bakery products, etc.